Aspects of Lithic Technology of Brittle Stone


Robert J. Patten (1944-2017)

About the Author, with CV

About the Author

Knapping experience:

Bob Patten has knapped replicas for over fifty years, using tools of stone and antler. Bob demonstrates knapping during the last full weekend of September each year at the Loveland, Colorado Stone Age Fair. You may have seen Bob make a Clovis point in the NOVA video "The Search for the First Americans," first aired in 1990.


Bob uses archaeology to understand the process of chipping stone from a life-style vantage more than as a typical how-to approach. Each of his replicas is initialed and dated with a diamond scribe. Collectors don't want to be fooled and we modern craftsmen should be proud of our creation.

Academic background:

Bob studied civil engineering and did topographic mapping for the U.S. Geological Survey before he retired. Now he lives in Lakewood, Colorado and indulges his passion for flaking stone. Before writing "Old Tools—New Eyes" and "Peoples of the Flute", Bob wrote many articles for various newsletters.

The Society for American Archaeology honored Bob with the Crabtree Award in 2004 "For his tireless efforts over the past 40 years to teach ancient stone-stool technologies to professional and avocational archaeologists, and for his flint-knapping experiments, which have led to major insights into Paleoindian technologies and lifeways."


While Bob makes credible replicas of Folsom fluted projectile points, he still works with other researchers to refine the process. He emphasizes reconstructing knapping processes used by Paleo-Indians of the High Plains, but is interested in all chipped stone. In particular, Bob applies his knowledge of lithic technology to archaeological interpretation.

Current project:

I am writing a new book that details the development of Mesoamerican astronomy, math, calendars and standard measurements. The story begins at least 6,600 years ago in Northern Louisiana. Maya eccentrics chipped in chert record significant numbers by lineal dimensions.


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