Lithic Technology




Clovis repica


Clovis replica made by percussion. I like to use an antler baton to rough out the initial shape of a biface by using freehand suppoort. Support at the far edge of the biface helps flakes travel further.




I really like using a forked stick to support freehand percussion. It allows long, clean flakes with feathered terminations.

rocker products


These replicas were made by a rocker punch, not my favorite technique but clearly effective.


While pressure flaking, I find it useful to support the preform with edge upright in a nest of crumpled leather. This avoids short bevels and reduces step terminations.


This replica was pressure flaked by antler.

fluted pointsI prefer to flute points by direct percussion while the tip is supported on an anvil.
punch notchingThere are many ways to make notches. This illustration shows the use of a copper punch.

baritecorner notch

Here are some notched replicas.